Our Story

A lot can be done to help with the water crisis in our world. Scott Kjos, Gilbert Orona and Mark Schwanz founded Soles For Life in order to get involved directly in solutions. We decided not to look the other way when we knew that over 1 billion people in our world suffer from a lack of clean drinking water and sanitation. We knew that it would take a while before we were qualified to install water wells, filtration devices, or do international community development, but that we could raise funds through recycling donated shoes and clothes.

We are proud of the fact that we have given over $30,000 dollars to water, education, and community projects both here in our communities and abroad. With the help of Water For Our World, an accomplished organization, we are making an impact and find our place among the world’s solution-makers to the greatest crisis the world has ever known, water.

Ongoing shoe drive partners:

What can one person do? You can clean out your closet and your used items can be converted into clean drinking water. Soles For Life, Inc. is a registered California nonprofit with a pending 501 (c) (3) . We can accept your donations directly through PayPal.

Need more information?
Contact Executive Director Gilbert Orona @ 310-940-4809
or Coordinator Shauna Smith @ 310-626-7572.